Mwanza IXP

Mwanza Internet eXchange Point is the latest addition to the Tanzania Internet Exchanges. Started in 2011 the MIXP is managed by a stakeholders steering committee that includes participants like the resident Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) namely: Airtel Tanzania PLC, Barmedas.Com, Habari Node PLC, RAHA Liquid Telecoms, MAAS Communications, SpiderSAT.Com, Tigo Tanzania PLC, Tanzania Telecommunications Company (TTCL), Vodacom Tanzania PLC and Zantel PLC as well as a member from Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and Tanzania Service Providers Association (TISPA).

Composition of the members on the MIXP Committee

The following were the agreed Terms of References (ToRs) of the committee:

  1. To Process acquisition of premises at Barmedas – Mwanza and Supervise the equipment installations in collaboration with TISPA

  2. Encourage all key stakeholders to peer

  3. Establish MIXP Ownership Structure and mode of operand using the available IXPs (like AIXP and TIXP) best experiences

  4. Call for stakeholders’ meetings

  5. Consider for backup links to peers

Technical Managers:

The MIXP is run by both TISPA and Mwanza IXP staff.

Current peers at the MIXP:

  1. Raha Liquid Telecoms
  2. SimbaNet Tanzania Ltd
  3. Tanzania Telecommunication Co. Ltd (TTCL)
  4. Halotel PLC
  5. Airtel Tanzania PLC
  6. Habari Node PLC
  7. Vodacom Tanzania PLC
  8. Tigo Tanzania PLC
  9. Smile Communication
  10. WiA Company Ltd