Arusha IXP

AIXP is the IXP for Arusha City, it is a Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) project initially funded by Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). The AIXP has been setup and is maintained by volunteers.

So far there are Six ISP’s connected to AIXP. For more understanding please check the FAQ’s below or contact us, you may also want to visit AIXP’s website.

AIXP is a TISPA project initially funded by the TCRA

What are the Advantages of AIXP?

It’s cost effective, as internet traffic between ISP’s (and their customers) is routed through fast and cheap local links and does not need to cross slow and expensive international satellite circuits thus decrease the cost of bandwidth the ISP’s were to pay. Provides higher data rates, as the traffic that going to other local ISP’s is locally routed through faster local media with fewer hops rather than the slow satellite route with alot of hops thus increasing latency. Encourages hosting of local contents locally, like local websites will be better off hosted locally because of the higher download speeds of local contents. Results to decrease of Internet Services costs.

Who can join the AIXP?

Anyone situated in Arusha can join the AIXP, but it wont make sense if your ISP is an AIXP member already. Although it’s a good idea for big companies with big networks to join the AIXP e.g; Banks, Government Institutions or any company with branches around the country, especially Companies with direct (VSat)connection to satellite for their internet traffic.