Launch of dotTz promotion week

Left to right:  TISPA GM, Rep. Of Minister WTC, Eng. Peter P. Mwasalyanda and TzNIC Board Chair Prof Emmanuel Mjema


7th AfPIF 2016 – 29th August – 1st September




Exterior-Facade - 905309 Kibo Ballroom - 905292_2

TzNOG-4 training at the BOT Conference Center 21st-26th Aug 2016

EC MEETING 14th April 2016

BGP Training 29th March 2016 implement best BGP practices’ within Tanzanian and the surrounding regions networks

Akamai Official Launch 10th March 2016

GGC traffic at the TIX passes the 2Gbs mark 27th November 2015

TIX local traffic

The TIX continues to save the country ForEx by caching content locally and freeing up our international transit links.

TIX Peer Fiber installation

TISPA EC Meeting 09th Sept 2015

TzNOG Training 03th Sept 2015

NICTBB Installation process- 20th July 2015

TISPA Extraordinary Meeting 04th July 2015

TTCL Equipments Upgrading and new installation

EC-Meeting-June 2015

Google Global Cache (GGC) traffic at the TIX surpasses the 1Gbps mark, 9th June 2015.


Packet Clearing House (PCH) router installed at the TIX and the AIXP 4-6th June, 2015

Packet Clearing House (PCH) operates a discontiguous, globally-distributed network of routers and servers for the primary purpose of increasing the efficiency, reliability, and performance of the Internet generally, and the secondary purpose of supporting the needs of the research and development community. As a not-for-profit educational charity, PCH provides services to the public without cost or restriction wherever possible.

At every Internet exchange point where they have a presence, PCH brings increased routing efficiency to the exchange and all of its members. PCH’s routers act as route-servers and looking-glasses for any member-participants who wish to use them. Packet Clearing House’s servers give member-participants local anycast access to the Domain Name Service, too. As well as host critical root, top-level, and in-addr domains. All of these are standard services that PCH provides at no charge over the globally interconnected PCH network.

In addition to providing critical infrastructure services at no charge to member-participants, PCH provides training, consultation, and analysis on an as-available basis in the areas of Internet Protocol routing, network technology and architecture, telecommunications economics, and ISP business planning. The local ISP’s that utilize both their network and training resources are the main providers of Internet connectivity within their region, and by providing these resources to them they are able to deliver faster and more reliable Internet access to a broader number of people.

Google Global Cache (GGC) TIX Connect Launch 28th April, 2015

We had a very successful GGC launch on the 28th April, 2015. The success was largely due to sponsors who had helped make the event possible.

TIX-GCC Launch

We wish to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to them for their support and we earnestly look forward to their continued involvement in our projects for the benefit of the community.

AGM Sept 2013

Visitors TIX room-Dec 2013

General Meeting April 2014

EC-Meeting-April 2014

Airtel-tz Fiber installation on TIX


TIX Hornet Port Installtion-13 Oct 2014