About US

TISPA is an association that is also non profit organisation (NGO) whose members are the Internet Service Providers operating in the country.

Our Mission Statement

“To bring together the Internet community to collectively make the Internet accessible to as many people as possible by encouraging the proliferation of Internet services in the sector, and have their effects be as positive as possible to the users and the country in general”

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to advance and protect the interests of the members while promoting the advancement of the Internet sector, promoting the accessibility and uptake of the Internet and contributing to the general national development agenda.

Founder members of the Association and TIX

Original TISPA-TIX Crew

List of current TISPA members

  1. AirTel Tanzania
  2. AfricaOnline
  3. Alldean Satellite Networks (T) Ltd
  4. Aptus Solutions Ltd.
  5. Arusha Art Ltd (CyberNet)
  6. Astruim Communications Limited
  7. Atemi Data Networks (ADN)
  8. BLINK a.k.a Gadgetronics Ltd
  9. Bell Communications Ltd.
  10. Cats-Net
  11. Cable Television Network (CTV) Ltd.
  12. CMC Networks
  13. Habari Node Ltd (HNL)
  14. Halotel a.k.a Viettel (T) ltd
  15. MIC (T) Ltd.
  16. Raha (T) Ltd.
  17. 6 Telecoms Company Limited
  18. Satcom Networks
  19. Seacom (T) Ltd
  20. SimbaNet
  21. SMART (Benson Informatics Ltd a.k.a BOL)
  22. Smile Communications Tanzania Limited
  23. SpiceNet Tanzania Ltd
  24. Tanzania Telecomunications Company Limited
  25. Uhuru One Ltd
  26. Vodacom (T) Ltd.
  27. WiA Co. Ltd.
  28. Zee Communications Ltd
  29. Zanzibar Telecom Ltd.-Zantel

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